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Rash Guards

Rash guards are great to help avoid mat burns. They also aid in reducing exposure to Staph/MRSA and Ringworm infections by limiting skin to mat or skin to skin contact. Our rash guards are high quality from trusted brands.
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Rash Guard
Rash guards originally came from surfing and water related activities. They are literally named as they help prevent rashes from abrasive contact between the skin and surf board or other water sports equipment. Rash guards in no-gi ground fighting or grappling serve a similar purpose in that mat burn is caused by the abrasive contact between the skin and the mat. But rash guards also help in moisture control by wicking moisture away from the body. In turn the moisture is able to evaporate efficiently which also helps keep you cooler.  Of course they make an efficient barrier against bacteria and other contaminants that may be breeding on your opponent or the mat. A rash guard is an essential piece of equipment to protect your body and minimize training downtime due to injury or infection.